Wyoming Statute 39-11-102.

a)  Taxpayer rights.  The following provisions shall apply to this act:

(i)   The department shall publish and make available a list of taxpayer rights in the area of state tax administration and collection, written in plain language, which includes the following rights:

(A)  A right to taxpayer information services including a location where taxpayers may request copies of public records or obtain explanations of billings and information about their rights and responsibilities;

(B)  A right to assurance that no employee of the state shall receive a bonus, be promoted or in any way rewarded on the basis of the amount of assessments or collections from taxpayers;

                        (C)  A right to confidentiality as to records protected against disclosure by statute;

(D)  A right, if a tax has accrued penalty and interest because the taxpayer relied on erroneous written information or written answers from the state, that the penalty and interest shall not be assessed, provided that the pertinent facts and circumstances disclosed by the taxpayer were substantially correct and complete;

(E)  A right to enter into installment payment agreements on tax assessments for tax liabilities where repayment requirements are met and where payment in a lump sum would cause severe inconvenience to the taxpayer;

(F)  A right to assessment notices that describe in plain terms the basis for assessments and describe the procedures for appeal.

(ii)  Any taxpayer may bring an action to enjoin any violation of the rights provided by paragraph (i) of this subsection. The list of taxpayer rights and enforcement provisions provided in this section are supplemental to other rights provided by law.                     

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