Administration Division

Fred Rife, Administrator

Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Administration Division is to provide management and support to all internal agency functions in the areas of information technology, human resources and fiscal control.

Statement of Philosophy and Vision


  • The Administration Division, by the way it delivers services should enable all internal agencies to perform audits and examinations in an effective, efficient, and accountable manner.


  • Using current and future technology, IT staff can provide the tools and technical assistance necessary to allow the agency's divisions to produce quality work in an efficient manner.

  • Through management support, training, and development provide employees an opportunity to advance their skills so that a quality product is delivered.

  • By processing transactions in a timely manner and fiscal monitoring allows the Department of Audit to operate in an accountable manner.

  • Administration provides human resource support by informing employees of benefits, maintaining employee records and assist the divisions in hiring competent and motivated employees.

  • People are our most important resource within the Department; therefore Administration must respond to their needs in a positive and attentive manner so full attention can be placed on the audits.

State of Wyoming

Department of Audit

Administration Division

Hathaway Building

2nd Floor

2300 Capitol Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone: (307) 777-6605