Statutes Relating to Public Funds

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School District Statues

W.S. 9-1-513  (scroll to School Finance Audits)

State Statutes  *This link will lead you to the Wyoming Legislative State Statues -  web site.  Select Title 9, scroll to the above referenced statute. 

Local Governments

Administrative Procedures Act 

Cities and Towns

Director of the Department of Audit

Downtown Development Authority

Facsimile Seals and Signatures

Incorporated Towns

Joint Powers Act

Memorial Hospitals

Municipal Courts

Public Funds

Public Records

Public Meetings

Public Utilities and Improvements

Recreation and Playgrounds

Sales and Excise Taxes

Surety Bonds

Uniform Municipal Fiscal Procedures

Uniform Unclaimed Property Act

Water Conservancy Districts

Wyoming Constitution


W.S. 16-3-101 

W.S. 15-3-101 

W.S. 9-1-501   

W.S. 15-9-201

W.S. 16-2-101

W.S. 15-5         

W.S. 16-1-101

W.S. 18-8       

W.S. 5-6-102 

W.S. 9-4          

W.S. 16-4-201 

W.S. 16-4-401

W.S. 15-7-401

W.S. 18-9-201

W.S. 39-15-201

W.S. 38-2-101

W.S. 16-4-101

W.S. 34-24-101

W.S. 41-3-701

W.S. 97

Special Districts

Airport Joint Powers Boards


Cemetery Districts

Conservation Districts

Drainage District

Fire Protection District

Flood Control District

Housing Authorities

Hospital District, Rural Health Care District

Improvement and Service District

Irrigation District

Joint Powers Board

Local Improvement District

Museum District

Predator Management District

Recreation District

Recreation Joint Powers Boards

Regional Transportation Authorities

Resort District

Sanitary and Improvement District

Senior Citizens' District

Solid Waste Disposal District

Water and Sewer District

Watershed Improvement Districts

Weed and Pest District 


W.S. 10-3-601

W.S. 21-20

W.S. 35-8-301

W.S. 11-16-101

W.S. 41-9  

W.S. 35-9-201

W.S. 41-3-801

W.S. 18-2-105

W.S. 18-8-301

W.S. 18-12

W.S. 41-7

W.S. 16-1

W.S. 37-31-102

W.S. 18-10

W.S. 16-6-201

W.S. 18-9

W.S. 16-1

W.S. 18-14-101

W.S. 18-16-101

W.S. 35-3-102

W.S. 18-15-102

W.S. 18-11

W.S. 41-10

W.S. 41-8

W.S. 11-5-302

Special District Electronic Budgets 

W.S. 9-1-507(a)(viii). . . “each special district, no matter how formed, except districts created by and subject to administration by the courts, to report to the department of audit and the county clerk, its proposed budget for the next fiscal year.” The Proposed Electronic Budget Form must be emailed to the state Department of Audit ( and County Clerk no later than June 1 and the Final Electronic Budget Form, no later than July 31. The Electronic Budget form and an online tutorial are located on our website at

W.S. 16-12-406 Notice of Budget Hearing shall be disclosed according to the Public Meeting laws.  Budget hearings are required to be held not later than the third Thursday in July. 

W.S. 16-12-406 (c) Copies of publications of hearings shall be furnished to the director of the state department of audit.” Budget Publication Notices are due September 30.  

Wyoming Dept. of Audit Public Funds Division

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