Excise Tax Division

Staff Directory

Name Phone E-Mail Title

Shane Taylor 777-7726 shane.taylor@wyo.gov Administrator

Bill McInerney 777-6460 bill.mcinerney@wyo.gov Auditing Manager 

Mike Ruckman 777-6306 mike.ruckman@wyo.gov Auditing Manager

Toni Schaefer 777-7938 toni.schaefer1@wyo.gov Office Support Specialist II

Grant Gibbard 777-7748 grant.gibbard@wyo.gov Supervising Auditor

Kyle Sowles 777-7154 kyle.sowles@wyo.gov Supervising Auditor

Jeff Green 777-7284 jeff.green@wyo.gov Principal Auditor        

Kim Lyda 777-3619 kim.lyda@wyo.gov Principal Auditor

Rachelle Miller 777-7751 rachelle.miller1@wyo.gov Principal Auditor

Cameron Jaure 777-7772 cameron.jaure2@wyo.gov Principal Auditor

Tom Godfrey 777-3749 thomas.godfrey@wyo.gov Senior Auditor

Summer Johnson 777-5204 summer.johnson@wyo.gov Senior Auditor

Nick Gregario 777-6098 nickolus.gregario@wyo.gov Senior Auditor

Joy Segal 777-6411 joy.segal1@wyo.gov Senior Auditor

Amanda Hacklin 777-5209 amanda.hacklin1@wyo.gov Senior Auditor

Briena Grant 777-5306 briena.grant@wyo.gov Auditor II

Jonathan Garrett 777-7750 jonathan.garrett@wyo.gov Auditor II

OPEN Auditor II

State of Wyoming

Department of Audit

Excise Tax Division


Hathaway Building

2ND Floor

2300 Capitol Ave.

Cheyenne, WY 82002

Phone:  (307) 777-7307